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Who are ICETE?

The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE) is a global hub for evangelical theological education, seeking to advance quality and collaboration in global theological education to strengthen and accompany the church in its mission.

ICETE is sponsored by seven regional associations of theological schools and provides two key ministries, ICETE Academy and ICETE Online.

ICETE has partnered with Local Leaders International in Australia to launch ICETE Online as a response to the increasing demand for video, audio and text resources, for use by theological educators in digitally-enhanced theological education courses.

What is ICETE Online?

ICETE Online is a searchable multilingual platform with multimedia resources available for use by theological educators anywhere in the world. It will continue to grow over time.

ICETE Online brings the best of local theological education to a global audience, enriching teaching and widening student perspectives with resources from around the world.

Resources can be searched by topic, language or media-type, with full-text resources and videos available to registered members.

Who are the contributors?

Contributors are mainly theological educators selected from the faculty of key evangelical institutions in the majority world.

Contributing institutions get access to a training course and receive funding to produce high-quality resources. They will also be able to customise their institution page on the site.

Institutions are encouraged to prepare theological resources with a local focus, to enrich the perspectives of this global audience. In particular, resources which bring local context to a global audience:

Local approaches and perspectives on key doctrinal areas

Local approaches to ministry, mission and evangelism

Local and regional church history, ecclesiology, and culture

Local theological method and hermeneutics

Local biblical interpretation: books, passages or genres

How do we get involved?

  1. Register your interest in becoming an ICETE Online Contributor using our Register Interest Form.
  2. You will be sent details of our information and training course on the ICETE Academy site with further information about the application process.
  3. Complete the ICETE Online Contributor Application form. With your application, you will be asked to formulate an initial proposal listing the resources you plan to produce. We ask that half or more of these be video resources. The others can be audio or text.
  4. Provide samples of video resources.
  5. Your contributing faculty must take a 2-hour training course on the ICETE Academy site. This training is necessary to ensure quality and consistency. The course will also provide information about submitting resources.

For more information please contact